Citation Formatting - Citation is longer than background


My citation is hanging outside of the formatted background, and it looks unprofessional. Does anyone have a secret to make this thing wrap around at the appropriate length?

Thank you,

What theme are you using?

I’m using the Rhythm theme.

I can’t replicate the issue. Can you provide a link? Did you customize the theme at all?

Here is the link, as requested.

I did not do any theme customizations - I don’t know how to.

I can’t get to the item at the link you shared - that item might be private? That said, the other items on your site display the citation normally.

We usually ask that people using use the Contact form on that site rather than the forum, since some issues are unique to .net permissions.

Okay - I didn’t know about the contact form. I was just looking for answers and this is what popped up.

But, even when I look at the others, the citation spills over.

I’ve attached a picture so that you can see what I do.

What browser are you using?