ChatGPT suggestions

Out of curiosity, I’ve chatted with the famous ai ChatGPT about Omeka, and this is what it says about plugins:

"There are many functionalities that can be added to Omeka Classic via plugins, but some of the most common and useful include:

  • Search and discovery: Plugins can be used to enhance the built-in search functionality of Omeka Classic, making it easier for users to find the items they are looking for.

  • Social media integration: Plugins can be used to share items on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.

  • Digital preservation: Plugins can be used to ensure that digital items are preserved over time, such as by creating backups of the Omeka Classic database.

  • Mapping and geolocation: Plugins can be used to add geolocation data to items and display them on a map.

  • Multilingual support: Plugins can be used to support multiple languages and translations for the items, collections and exhibits.

  • Import/Export: Plugins can be used to import items from other content management systems, such as CSV or XML, and export items in different formats, such as PDF, JSON or RDF.

  • Annotation and commenting: Plugins can be used to allow users to annotate items, add comments and discuss about the contents.

  • Access control and user management: Plugins can be used to control access to items, collections and exhibits, and manage users and permissions."