Changing which elements keyword search searches


The keyword search does seem to search the Location or Source elements of the items. But the Boolean search does. Is there a way to tell Omeka which elements to look at?

The backend of my Omeka is MariaDB. I have looked at the tables and don’t see anything that lists what elements are to be searched. I have also looked various pages to see if I could find the php code that might handle this, but there are many pages and I a haven’t found it.

In the collection I’m working on Source and Location are important and the project head thinks that most searches are going to be for these two elements, but the default search just ignores them.

Any guidance you could give would be appreciated.

Thanks ,

The keyword search will search all elements.

It’s possible that the actual data in your other elements are running into one of MySQL/MariaDB’s fulltext indexing limitations: like they contain very short “words” or words on the fairly extensive stopword list, or they appear in more than 50% of your records.

Thanks for replying. I have run into the short word issue before. But two of the words not being found are “Mexico” and “Guatemala” so I don’t think the stop words are the issue. Guatemala might be hitting the 50% limit but Mexico is only in one record.

What I would like is to find a way to either add elements to the keyword search or to change default search to Boolean. I think either of these would solve the problem.


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