Changing Body in CSS

Hi everyone,

I have installed the CSS editor for and am trying to change the way the results come up on the page.

At the moment, I notice two things: first, that when I try to change the body, it automatically deletes it; when I go back to the css configuration, the code I pasted disappears.

Second, there is an element called ‘item hentry’ which I believe it defined in html, not css (at least, I haven’t been able to find it anywhere), which appears to be how the items are styled. Is there any other way? I have tried editing the collections section, but it’s not presenting the result I’d like.


At least on the first one, this might be something that we’ve recently discovered in our version of HTMLPurifier, which checks on CSS styles . We’re looking in to it. Could you post what CSS you are trying to add?

Sure. It’s not really an addition, just a change to how things are laid out and what they look like. Actually, I wish to make really minor changes - the background colour, the width of the search results. At the moment, I have edited snippets like this:

.browse .item h2, .browse .item-meta .item-img {

In which I have basically just changed the width to 60% on the Berliner theme.

Is there a simple way to make other changes to the background etc. Or, is there a more powerful method for controlling the appearance of the themes? Is using a better solution? But we don’t run our own server and that seems like a lot of trouble given how small we are…


I am also experiencing this issue when I have tried to make changes. @statewatch, did you end up resolving your issue?

Not exactly; I was able to change really minor things such as the size of the font, colour etc, but more major things like changing the colour didn’t work. It looks like it’s set to reject any changes in the html and some to the css as well.

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