Changing Base URL

Hello! Currently using Omeka on a Reclaim Hosting server.

The owner of the project for this site bought a new domain name (not through our current hosting service) and wants to set aside a subdomain for this Omeka site.

I got the redirect working so that the new domain points to our omeka site. However, I don’t know how to get that new domain name to persist throughout the Omeka site, ie. instead of:

I would like it to say (permanently, everywhere):

Right now, the redirect happens, but the old url pops up in the address bar and all the links still use the old domain for the base url. How might I go about changing this? Would this be something in the .htaccess file? I’ve also seen people saying they did it through bootstrap.php?

Have you talked to Reclaim about this?

If you want the site on your subdomain, you should be able to just install Omeka so it’s hosted directly at the subdomain.

Just wanted to post my solution, in case other people run in to my very specific problem :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem was that my hosting service only allows aliases on the root domain, so when I set up the alias and added the redirect, the subdomain would only work for the initial redirect to the root Omeka folder and then it would disappear.

If you are using Reclaim Hosting, you can make your new subdomain work everywhere on your Omeka site by adding it as an “Addon Domain” and set the document root to point to the root of your Omeka instance (do NOT add it as an Alias).

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