Changes to log in credentials

Hi Omeka,

I’m using Neatline, hosted by university server. Recently, the log in credentials changed from asking for a username to a password. This has frozen me out of the account. The uni IT staff who installed Neatline have no idea how it happened. Could you please advise on how I might be able to access my account again?

Many thanks

I’m not really sure what you mean by that. Can you show a screenshot or something? Omeka Classic always asks for username and password.

Thanks John. Sure, here is the screenshot.

This is the login page for Omeka S.

Have you been using Omeka S? You posted this in the Omeka Classic forum and mentioned Neatline, which isn’t out yet for Omeka S.

No, I’ve been using Omega Classic. I think (with very limited knowledge) that my university is routing me to the wrong page. Would you recommend that I ask them to sort this out or is there something that I can do? Thanks again for your invaluable help.

I guess you’ll have to talk to the people responsible for hosting this, yeah.

OK, will do. Cheers!

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