Changed Omeka admin theme and now all admin tools have disappeared

I changed the theme for the Omeka admin, just to see what it would look to (from default to Emiglio) and all the admin tools disappeared, so now I can’t change it back or do anything at all to edit the site. It’s installed on Bluehost, so I have access to all the files, but I’m not sure which ones to go into pr how I would change it back once I was there.

Any help at all would be appreciated. I’ve included a screenshot of what the admin page looks like now --can’t do anything with it.

Do you remember how you changed the admin theme? You could download a clean copy of Omeka and reverse the process.

Alternately, you could download Omeka again and follow the instructions for upgrading.

If you did something like copy the “emiglio” folder into “admin” and then used the UI to change the theme, you could probably get back going by deleting the “admin/emiglio” folder, then copying “admin/default” to “admin/emiglio”

I did it! It worked, thank you so much!