Change default Simple Search to 'Exact Match'

I want to change the default search so that if a visitor enters ‘dog’, ‘cat’, ‘hat’ etc. they will get some results.

It’s a pretty common thing to do, and visitors will be disappointed to key 3 character words into the search box and see ‘No results’ from our thousands of images!

I understand the MySQL limitations on searches - but surely something in the installation controls what the default is (currently ‘Keyword’).

Can anyone tell me where the file that controls this is so that I can change it to ‘Exact Match’ - please.

Have you tried the DefaultSearchOptions plugin ?

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Hey Michal - thanks for the quick response! I’ll try that, it’s sounds like it should do the job.

Cheers ‘H’

Yep - that’s great. Big thanks from Yorkshire, U.K.