Change attribute of an item's record


I’d like to know if it is possible modify (in the user side) the attributes associated to each item’s record in the list of items present in my Omeka site.
I mean, in the list of items in my Omeka site, each item’s record has attribute: Title, Creator, Type, Data Added, can I delete, modify them or add others?

Thanks in advance

You can change the order of display for the Dublin Core metadata elements by dragging and dropping them on the edit Element Set page (under Settings -> Element Sets). You can also add comments to the description of the element on that page.

If you want to add elements for specific item types, you can do that by editing Item Types.

I’m sorry, I do not understand. I was talking about the attributes (Title, Creator, Type, Data Added) of item’s record in the items list


My apologies - I thought you were talking about the metadata elements of the items themselves.

No problem! So, I suppose that I cannot modify/delete/add these attributes, right?

Thanks for your replies.

Also wondering if this is possible?