Center_row & subpages in navigation


When adding pages as a child to a page that’s already in the navigation bar; the child page doesn’t show. The default styling of a sub page is display: none.

Switching to the default theme without rearranging the layout of the pages, results in showing the subpages leading me to believe there’s an issue with the center row theme.

This behavior could be reproduced in the following browsers:

  • chrome
  • firefox
  • brave

There’s no change in behavior if you’re logged in or not.

Omeka S version: 1.2
Center_row_theme_version: 1.2.0
PHP version: 7.2.10-0ubuntu0.18.04.1

Just to clarify, you’re saying that the child pages do not show up in the secondary menu when viewing the parent page, as seen here?

Or that child pages aren’t loading in the navigation tab of the site admin?

I double checked.
The problem seems to be more complex then I first stated.
If the parentpage has ‘Page’ as type, then the children show. Then the behaviour is the same on my machine as with your screenshot.
When the parent page has ‘Browse’ as type, then the children don’t show.
I’ve provided some screenshots:

  1. ADMIN view
  2. VISITOR view > PAGE
  3. VISITOR view > BROWSE

Just to be certain I went over the other themes again and found that

  • centerrow
  • The Daily

have these same issues.

When using the ‘cozy theme’ something interesting happens when clicking the hamburger icon; on the left side of the screen the navigation shows up. The child element is shown NEXT to the parent. In this screenshot I changed ‘About us’ to ‘A’, ‘Collaborators’ to ‘Co’ and ‘Current state’ to ‘Cu’. (I noticed this behavior for the BROWSE parent, but due to stringlength and/or type it wasn’t showing on PAGE parent; so this problem is maybe unrelated?) This results in an odd-looking lay-out.

Hopefully this makes sense.

I think the lack of subnavigation is expected for “non-Page pages”… the Browse page and other “static” pages just don’t render subnavigation at all.

As for the “cozy” screenshot, you’re saying that the first child ends up on the same line as the parent page (or can end up that way depending on the length of the titles)?

Regarding the ‘cozy’ theme, yes that’s what I mean.

Regarding the subnavigation for non-pages, I’m not sure if it can be considered as expected behavior (at least it seems that the theme alone affects the functionality of the navigation, not the type of the pages). For instance, when using the default theme, then all subnavigation is visible and accessible when hovering over the navigation bar. With this theme there’s also a clear visual distinction for pages that have subpages by adding a downwards arrow, versus only the title for pages that have no child-elements.