Carta Plugin error

Omeka Team: I am slowly migrating an old Omeka legacy site to 2.7. There are some plugins installed, but I am not using most of them quite yet. One of those is Carta.

When I look at one of my entries, a message appears at the bottom of the public page: Warning : count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/rwanysib/ on line 122 [You can see the public page for this particular item at:]

I’m not sure why this message appears or how to fix this issue. Should I remove Carta and then re-install it? Or will I need to modify a .php file? [The Omeka install and website are on Reclaim Hosting]

Thanks for any help in advance. - Rwany

That warning is generated by newer versions of PHP: some things that were OK to do in prior versions with the count function are not in newer versions. Getting rid of that message requires updating the plugin.

It looks like you reported this same issue to the Carta Github and there’s possibly a fix in the works there or complete already?

Yes. It did require a fix to the CartaPlugin.php file. Thanks for explaining the issue!

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