Carousel Error Message on Landing Page

I’m having a problem with my landing page for my Omeka site.

Between the footers and the last paragraph of my content on my landing page I’m getting this message

[carousel is_featured=1 showtitles=true]

It shows up under “Featured Letters” which is another issue that I can’t fix.
There is no option to change or delete featured letters, nor can I fix the above issue.

Can anyone help?

Hello. Can you provide us with a link to the faulty page? Also, what Carousel plugin version are you using?

Here is the link.

And that’s the problem, we’re not using a Carousel plugin, so we’re really unsure why it’s showing up

If you checked your code, you’d notice there’s a Shortcode slider mentioned. So yes, there’s some sort of carousel embedded. Might be the theme…
Btw, I also noticed some icons are missing, I think your theme is not referencing the correct version of FontAwesome (search this forum for relative topics).
Hope this helps.

I figure it is the theme but I have other exhibits that use the same theme that aren’t giving any problem, and there’s no differences in the code.
Should I delete the carousel code in the css?
I’m fairly new to all of this so I am unsure how to proceed

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