Captions under thumbnails on Lightbox Gallery block page?

Im using the Lightbox Gallery plugin to have the lightbox effect on gallery block pages and it works well. But I would like to have the caption text also displayed under each thumbnail on the gallery block page. Right now the caption text for each image only displays when the image opens into the lightbox.

In a regular Omeka Gallery block page the caption will show under the thumbnail image so I am not sure why this does not work with the Lightbox Gallery block page?

Berlin Theme
Omeka 2.4.1


That LightboxGallery plugin creates its own layout, so it can decide for itself where it wants to output captions, if anywhere. What it does is just put them in an attribute used by the lightbox javascript, not anywhere visible by default.

If you want to show the caption in both places, you’d have to modify the layout or the code the plugin uses to output lightboxed items generally (plugins/LightboxGallery/views/helpers/ExhibitAttachmentLightbox.php)