Captioning, HTML5 and CSV Import plugins

hi all;

Can anyone tell me if captioning via the HTML5 plugin works with the CSV import plugin? I know you can upload an srt or vtt file via the individual file upload in Omeka, and the HTML 5 plugin will associate the file with the video and provide the captioning option. I’ve tested this and it works. However, I’m unable to figure out how to upload files through the CSV import and get the same result-Omeka seems to treat the srt or vtt file as just another file and fails to load the captioning. Has anyone gotten this working? If we can’t batch upload caption files via CSV import then the functionality avails us very little, as that is how most of our files get uploaded.

I think the problem here is that the HTML5 Media plugin looks for matching filenames to decide if a video and a text track “go together.”

The only relevant different from a CSV import is that the importer uses URLs to import files, and Omeka’s way of dealing with “names” for URL-imported files is to make the whole URL the filename.

Are you uploading both the video and the text through the CSV, or just the text?

Both. And they are named identically, and they are in the same place, so the only difference in the URL is the file extension. It will load both files but the caption option does not show.

I went back and checked how Html5Media does that comparison, and it should work even with URLs…

Can you share what Omeka says the original filename for each of these two files is?

And just to cover the basics, you’re uploading these files to the same item, correct? The plugin won’t try to grab text tracks from other items.