Can't import vocabulary (MADS)

Hello. Greatly enjoying working with Omeka S - nice work! I’ve successfully imported a few ontologies (such as PROV-O) but for some reason when I try to import MADS/RDF ( I get 0 classes and 0 properties. I’ve tried this on both a local installation and in the Omeka S sandbox. Any help or suggestions you can offer would be appreciated. Thank you.

Usually when you get zero properties and zero classes, it’s because you gave the wrong namespace URI, because only properties/classes “under” the namespace will be imported.

A special note for this particular case: there’s a rogue space in the namespace URL given in the spec document you linked to.

(However, there appears to be another problem with that file even once you correct the namespace, which is that some of the properties have blank labels, a situation S currently doesn’t tolerate., so you’ll get an error.)

Thanks for your quick reply! I was able to fix the problems and import the ontology.

We’ve made some changes that avoid the error with the specific problem with this vocabulary’s labels, as well as some changes to the messaging from the importer that should make things clearer when something goes wrong with an import.