Can't import media in CSV with File Sideload

Hi team,

I am using the Omeka S v1.0.1. I can load successfully files in File Sideload when doing with a single item. However there is no option of File Sideload in Media import when doing with CSV. Anyone meet this case? Thank you!


That’s a feature we’re working on, but it doesn’t look like it’s in the releases yet.

Thank you Patrickmj for this information! It will be awesome and very useful to import image in bulk with this feature.

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In the CSVImport module page, it’s written that Sideload is availlable for media CSVImport. Is that right ? because there is no sideload option with csvimport too.
Not yet available or something wrong in my installation ? or in the doc (I can’t believe that !)

I’m not entirely sure I’m following, but yes, CSVImport should work with FileSideload. Both modules need to be installed, and the directory for FileSideload needs to be configured. Then, Sideload should be an option under Media for CSVImport.

In the column for files in your csv, just set the path (relative, absolute or url). Csv Import will take care of it automatically.

I haven’t :
CSVImport work fine (without cli), FileSideload work fine too (for one picture)
The things I changed are : CSVImport without cli, I use GD library
I will try with a web address…

Hi, I just wanted to get some clarification on this. In the documentation for CSV Import it states that Sideload is an option if both modules are installed (there is even a corresponding image), but am I correct in understanding your comment that this feature is not available in CSV Import currently?

That feature should be available. If it is not working for you, then that’s a bug. Creating a new question, ideally including any system info and versions of the software you are running, will be helpful.


Sorry about the confusion around this.

To clarify, with the released versions of CSV Import and File Sideload, it is a known issue that the Sideload option is not available in the importer. We’ve updated the documentation to reflect this for the immediate moment, and will be fixing the problem so sideload will be available for imports.

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File Sideload 1.0.1 fixes the issue with CSV Import.


Hi jflatnes,

I’ve just tested if I can upload images in bulk in my CSV file by using File Sideload 1.0.1. This time I can see the option to choose Sideload but it runs no where when I click on it :sob:. I did reinstall the File Sideload 1.0.1 before testing. Any idea?

So, what happens when you click that option? It should just map to the column you chose like any of the others.

Hi jflatnes,

I think there is something wrong in the image’s path I define in my CSV file. I provided the physical directory to config Sideload module and it works. However I can’t import the items in CSV although I tried with the image path in both physical directory or URL. Please help to advise. Thank you very much!

Can you give an example of the kind of content you’re trying in your sideload CSV column? Generally, you’ll want that to just be the name of the file that’s in the sideload directory (so, not a URL and not a full path to the file, just the filename).

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Hi Jflatnes,

I got a bug. When I try to add an image manually by Side load or uploading from my computer, I’ve got this bug as below: :sob: . Is it something wrong from installation?

Everything is awesome now! I can import the CSV file along with images loaded from Sideload. The issue happened because ImageMagick did not be installed :grin: :laughing:

Good to hear.

The error you screenshotted is… odd. It looks like it might stem from some bad settings in your local config about logging, as just a guess.

It seems you uses the module Log. Check if it is the last version.