Can't find Zotero imports or similar items

I imported a small (4 item) Zotero collection via the module. All seems well. Four new items which I put into their own item set.

However Omeka S does not find the items via search. And I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get them onto a page, which I assume (hope?) is a related problem.

I also added an item manually. Gave it a class of “text” and put it into the same item set. It also is not visible via search.

An item set of imported photos (from Tropy) is fine and completely findable.

Hmmm… I think we need some more detail here.

What exactly are you trying when you say you can’t find them by search? The “simple” fulltext search on the admin navigation? The item advanced search? As for putting them on a page, as long as they’re in your site’s pool, they should be appearing in the attachment selection sidebar. Or is your problem just that, that they’re not in the pool?

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Ah, that was it. I hadn’t added them to the pool. Easily fixed. Thanks very much.

PS It wasn’t obvious to me that the Resources page is where you set the pool criteria. I think the “Search by” language is what’s throwing me off. Some kind of “Use this page to set the criteria for items to be included in the site’s pool” would be helpful (and I’m happy to put in a PR, if that’s desirable).