Can't delete user

I have been trying to delete a user account in a 2.5 installation. When I click the ‘Delete’ link under the user name, I get the confirmation screen, and then click the Delete button. The button image responds to a rollover, but when I click, nothing happens!

I am able to add and edit users; the only problem is with deletion. I even tried changing the user role from Super to Admin, in case there was an internal block preventing deletion of Super User accounts, but no luck.

Is there a way to delete the user (which is not associated with any items) another way?


Well, okay, I was able to delete that user from the Edit window, but not the Browse User view!

So my problem is solved, but it looks like there’s a little bug there.

I can confirm the problem you’re mentioning, it occurs for delete actions that go out to a separate page (actually a separate bug in this case). It’s now fixed in the development code. Fortunately there’s a workaround for the time being.