Can't add item to exhibit block

Hi everyone! I am using Omeka 2.6 with the exhibit builder plugin, through Reclaim Hosting.

I am setting up an exhibit and have added a gallery block. I see the “add item” box but when I click “add item” nothing happens. I definitely have at least one item loaded in, and have made it public. Any help much appreciated! Thank you!

What version of Exhibit Builder are you using?

Sorry not to include that info! 3.3.3.

Omeka 2.6 comes bundled with Exhibit Builder 3.4, which is the version you should be using.

That was it, thank you so much!

Hello, I have the same problem…how do I upgrade to the 3.4?

Check your Plugins page from your admin dashboard - the Exhibit Builder plugin may have a message saying you can upgrade by clicking a button. If it does not, you can download the latest version from the Plugins page. Instructions on adding plugins is in the user manual

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When I tried to upload the updated plug in - I get this error: An unknown error occurred. Are you over quota?

Have you turned on error messages?

I am trying to enable them, but am having problems finding the HTaccess file that it is talking about. is it possible that it is hidden in a different folder or under a different name(we found an access logs folder but it had nothing in it)

“meka 2.0 and newer
Open the .htaccess file in the root of your Omeka installation, find the following line, and uncomment it (that is, remove the # sign): #SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development
(Optional) If you’re trying to debug a 404 (“Not Found”) or 403 (“Forbidden”) error, open application/config/config.ini, and change the value of debug.exceptions to true.”

I have found the HTaccess file. in order to find it, i had to go to settings in the top right and set it to show hidden files. i will now attempt to enable error messages. BRB.

P.S. as a new user it will not allow me to add any more posts to this topic as i have posted 3 times . In order to continue communication and to leave a log for other users i will just update this one again and again until it lets me post.

Okay, the problem was that I was trying to download the new Exhibit builder zip file, extract it to my computer, and then upload that folder as it says in this guide here:

Instead, you should be uploading the zip file itself, and then using CP to extract the files. Then following the rest of the instructions.


What hosting do you have? The “are you over quota” message is not, I think, something Omeka normally throws.

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