Can't activate newly created 'Inactive Users'

Query from a newbie with a new Omeka site:

When signed in as Super user (I’m sole administrator), Users I create show up as Inactive. Attempts to Edit these profiles so I can make Active only result in blank screen.

Sorry 'bout the elementary question!

A blank screen? You can try the “Display Error Messages” instructions here to show an error message there instead of just a blank page.

You should also be able to check your PHP or Apache error logs, a “white screen” type error is usually logged there.

Users starting as “Inactive” is normal. Under regular operation of an Omeka site, they become active only when they get their activation email and set their password.

J - My apologies for the delay in responding and thanking you for your help. I was distracted nailing down a number of server issues including the problem I inquired about.

It appears the problem I originally described was caused by a missing PHP module.

For other similarly server-illiterate folks with similarly mysterious obstacles and error messages cropping up in Omeka, I’ll pass along my hard-earned advice to check with your provider to make sure ALL of the Omeka-required modules are not only available on but actually INSTALLED and enabled on your server. My host,, were VERY helpful and diagnosed and tweaked settings themselves. And they’re solar-powered!

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