Cannot upload images to items-HELP!

I’m using Omeka Classic 2.6.1 version. Apparently Imagemagick is well installed and the path works.

The problem is I can create new items, but every time I try to upload images to the items, nothing happens. I tried with CVS import and importing the images through links and the import failed (but worked without the image column).

My whole project is based on photographs so I would really appreciate any advice!

Thank you!

Does the file import only fail with CSV import, or does it also fail when you add the files directly to the item (through the item edit interface)?

On both. When I try manually, after uploading the file changes are never saved.

How large are the files you’re trying to upload? Do they exceed your file size limitations? (Note that the solution might involve contacting the server administrator, depending on the file sizes and server settings)

The images are around 300KB each and the upload box says the maximum file size is 2 MB.

Are you uploading several at once?

The “nothing happens” symptom you’re describing usually means an exceeded size limit. (If Omeka is reporting some error or other message, that would be different).