Cannot upload custom Header Image

As the title says, I cannot upload a custom image to the default theme’s header image. When I try to, Omeka displays a broken thumbnail on the Appearance page, and the site itself has no image (but does have the text shadow, so Omeka must know something is there.)

I’m wondering if you need the ExternalImageMagick derivative strategy up and running in order to change the picture. I could not configure ImageMagick correctly on my server, and instead am running Imagick. That is the only difference between my development site and my public server, and I had no problems in my testing.

ImageMagick shouldn’t be required to do anything with logos or header images, as we don’t make thumbnails of them.

Can you use the inspector or view source to see what URL Omeka’s trying to use for that image, and see if you can access it directly at that URL? Or, what errors, if any, are reported in the JS/Web console?

Thanks for getting back to me. After I posted, I realized it was some sort of permissions error, which I thought was more of a problem with the URL rewrite module of IIS, but after some searching, I found some Wordpress forum threads having a similar error.

Turns out it was a directory permissions error related to the first problem I described in my other post. Looking back at your answer there, I decided to mess around with some folder permissions in Windows. To solve it, I had to specify a temp directory in php.ini that was within the inetpub directory. Then I had to give mod, read, and write permissions to IIS_IUSRS as well as the generic “Users” category (for whatever inexplicable Windows reason). Finally, I changed the setting in File.php back to 'cache_dir' => null.