Cannot make property public

I have a couple of properties I want to hide on the public site, so I had turned them private on Resource Template.
Then, (perhaps after our Omeka software upgrade), the private buttons are now unchecked but they are still hidden on the public site. The property titles and value are only visible on the Editing page in the back-end, not even on the item browse page in the back-end.

I would like to make one public and one private right now, but do not seem to have control over private/public using the resource template.

Resource templates are best thought of as “defaults.” So, in this case, the “private” flag for a property in a template merely means that values for that property are set as private by default.

Every value still maintains its own control over “privateness” (you can see the “eye” control for every value when editing), and changing the template’s default doesn’t affect the existing values.

You can change values’ visibility one at a time through the normal edit interface, or many at once using the bulk editor from the browse page.

If the properties/values are just not showing up at all (you seemed to indicate this might be the case), then I’d check to make sure you’re not using something like the Hide Properties module to hide them.

Your explanation made it very clear - thank you very much!

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