Cannot find .htaccess to enable logs

I have just installed Omeka and am getting the imminently helpful and vague error message “Omeka has encountered an error” when I try to access it through the browser.

When I try to follow the instructions for retrieving errors everything directs me to access the .htaccess file at the root of the installation. There is no .htaccess file at the root of the installation!

There is in fact no such file on the entire server that I can find.

Are there no log files kept somewhere on the server? Why can’t I just access these directly?

Edit I am using PuTTy with SSH, but I’ve also used the console in VMware and I get the same regardless.

The file is there, but the . in front of its name means that htaccess is a hidden file.

If you use the command ls -a you should see all of the files, including .htaccess

You can just enable logging and read the log if that’s what you’d prefer, too. The documentation page you’re linked to from the error screen has instructions for enabling logging under the heading “Activate Error Logging”

I was finally able to find the location of the log files and figure out their was an issue with naming on my SQL database that was causing login to fail. I am now getting error message “mod_rewrite is not enabled”, but since that’s a different issue I’ll open a different thread.