Can you please help me get rid of extra words in my Archive?

Can you please help me get rid of 2 things that I don’t want to see in my digital photo archive.

  1. The button “Browse by Tag” (because I’m not using tags).

  2. The words “Dublin Core” on every Item’s page between the photo and the title.

Thank you!

(I’m using the Emiglio theme.)

Under Appearance -> Settings, there’s a checkbox labeled “Show Element Set Headings”. Uncheck it to remove the “Dublin Core” text.

As for the “Browse by Tag” option: that’s created by the call to public_nav_items in your theme’s items/browse.php file. You could edit it and just remove it completely, which will remove that entire “navigation” area on the browse page. You could just do that, or replace it with only the links you want to keep, if you want to keep some of them.

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Thank you @jflatnes!

Your solution to hide the “Dublin Core” text worked wonderfully.

I can’t find where to go from my Omeka dashboard to edit my theme’s browse.php file. Can you please send more details about how and where?

The php files are in the directories of your Omeka site - not the dashboard, but however you access the underlying files (for example, the file manager your use with your hosting company when you add a plugin)

Thank you @mebrett!

I found my browse.php file, and searched it for the word “tag,” but I still can’t find which part I should edit out. This is how the code looks.

Google Photos

Hi @jflatnes, are you able to help me further to remove the “Browse by Tag” button. I included a screenshot of my browse.php file code because I’m not sure how much to delete. Thank you!

I mentioned what you want to remove before:

That’s line 13 in your screenshot.

Hi @jflatnes, your direction to remove the “entire navigation area” doesn’t sound right for me. I want to keep the buttons to “Browse All” and “Search Items.” I only want to remove “Browse by Tag”… and I don’t know which part of the code that is. Thank you.

OK, you have two options.

1: If you truly aren’t using tags, if you completely delete all tags from your site, the Browse by Tag option should go away on its own.

2: Otherwise, if you want to just remove Browse by Tag, instead of just deleting the public_nav_items call completely, you could replace it with this:

echo public_nav_items(array(
        'label' => __('Browse All'),
        'uri' => url('items/browse'),
        'label' => __('Search Items'),
        'uri' => url('items/search'),
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Thank you @jflatnes! I like your simple solution of removing all the tags (that a previous archivist had added to a few dozen images). That worked perfectly.

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