Can pictures in djvu format be displayed directly?

The pictures scanned by my library are all in djvu format. Omeka s requires imagemagick to be installed during installation. Imagemagick can process djvu format pictures, but the djvu format pictures I uploaded cannot be displayed on the website or in universalviewer. . Can omeka s use djvu format pictures?

我所在的图书馆扫描的图片全部是djvu格式,omeka s在安装时要求安装imagemagick工具,imagemagick是可以处理djvu格式图片的,但是我上传的djvu格式图片不能被网站显示,也不能在universalviewer中显示。请问omeka s可以使用djvu格式图片吗?

I just checked with a sample DjVu file: we can make thumbnails of them using ImageMagick, and those can be displayed. If you can otherwise make thumbnails but not of DjVu files, it’s possible your installation of ImageMagick just doesn’t have DjVu support (or has it disabled).

As for how UniversalViewer would work with them, I can’t really say. Maybe someone else knows more about that.

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thank you!I want to use universalviewer to display pictures. It seems the best way is to convert djvu format to tif. Do you have a recommended batch conversion tool? I have about 200,000,000 djvu format pictures that need to be converted to tif

I don’t have any specific recommendations for a batch converter to give you, no.

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