Can Omeka Classic themes be used in Omeka S?


I’m new to the Omeka platform and working on an exhibit project for my library. We want to build several sites and it seems Omeka S is the version to use. However, S doesn’t have as many theming options as Classic. And I’m wondering: Can a Classic theme be used in S? What’s the difference between themes across the two versions?

The themes are basically totally different.

You could make use of some of the styles and little things here or there, but you really can’t just take a classic theme and use it in S, or vice-versa.

@jflatnes Thanks for the response.

In that case, I may be looking at custom theming since the current S themes might be too basic for our [layout] needs. But I’ve browsed Omeka S’ documentation and it seems scant on the finer details of theme building–understanding the file structure/views folders and working with the view helpers (new to me) and functions. Do you have recommendations for resources that could illuminate/demystify how to connect these various parts?

We’re very interested in more documentation for theme customization as well; we do understand they’re quite different than Classic. Would be particularly interested to see something like the ‘Big Picture’ theme on S.

I’ll start another/separate thread about this; maybe there can be a shared discussion around creating more robust documentation around theme building.

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Thanks. I do understand theme customization is heavily dependent on our becoming more familiar with the Zend3 framework and how it handles views, but additional documentation would be great. Not least for those of us trying to come (at least somewhat more) up-to- speed in terms of of our understanding of what it takes to work with themes. We may not all be full-time programmers (I’m not) but I find it helpful to have more to say than ‘it’s complicated’ when trying to convey what may be involved (resources needed, etc.) with managers or those in our development team who are more skilled at working with PHP but may not be familiar with the framework.

I’d also like to broach the idea of what would it take for some us to join forces – how so, I’m not exactly sure (collaboration is not easy!) – to encourage development of more Omeka-S themes for general distribution? As mentioned, the Big Picture theme for more visually-oriented collections is of great interest and I would be curious to see if it’s possible to come up with a plan for bringing a theme of this kind to Omeka S? Perhaps something close already exists that could serve as a starting point for a more generalizable version., which could be among the things we talk about.