Can not find items when title is a number

I have added items with numeric Title Names, such as e.g. 40-33, 01-28 and so forth. When I search for them in the Omeka S public or admin search, they can not be found. I have not had this problem in Omeka Classic. Anyone know how to make this work?

Are they all similarly blocks of two digits separated by hyphens? I’m thinking the issue here is probably not that they are numeric, but that they’re being seen as very short 2-letter “words.” Very short words get ignored in the full-text search, in both S and Classic.

Thank you so very much for your reply! I did some tests, and you are perfectly right. Words with one or two letters are not found by the search. This also goes when two such words are separated by a hyphen. E.g: An item named ‘01-01’ or ‘ab-ab’ is not found. An item named ‘012’ or ‘abc’ is found. An item named ‘Item 01-01’ or ‘Item ab-ab’ can not be found if my search term is just ‘ab-ab’ or ‘01-01’. But if the items are named ‘Item 0101’ or ‘Item abcd’ I find them with the search terms ‘0101’ and ‘abcd’. I also find them if I use other symbols instead of hyphen, such as underscore.

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