Can load a block across all pages?

I’m working on a Omeka-S site, and would like to create html blocks that would be displayed on pages across the site. I’ve experimented with adding the html to my theme’s layout.phtml file, and that works, but I’d like something a little more user friendly for whoever might be managing this site down the road. Being able to create blocks and then add them to all pages rather than a single page would be ideal, but I’d also be okay with creating (and editing) the blocks in the admin UI, then just calling them in the layout.phtml file.

Has anyone done this in the past, or have any ideas?

There’s no feature for doing that… you might be able to cobble together something with a “page” that holds that common stuff and printing it through the layout… seems a little dicey though.

You might consider something like a theme setting for adding content to all pages? Or a module… but a theme will be easier to write.

That’s what I figured the possible answers might be. I’ll look into doing it with a theme only, then! I’d rather avoid a custom module if I can…

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