Can I scroll through my photos?

To see a photo, I have to click the thumbnail, then click the photo to enlarge it.

Before I can see another photo, I have to click Back twice.

Is there a faster way to view my photos, like in a Lightbox where I can scroll from one to the next? I’m using Omeka Classic with the Emiglio theme.

You might consider trying the carousel plugin (please see this thread for my personal fork:
Shortcode Carousel plugin - new features) to solve your problem.

Thanks, @DanieleB. Is there an example of the Carousel plugin that I can see first? (I didn’t find a preview at the download link.) I mainly want a Lightbox feature, like most photo sites have, so I don’t have to click Back every time I view an image, and so I can move on to the next image using the cursor keys.

I’m hoping for an answer to my last question.