Can I remove /files/original

I guess for smaller collections this isn’t an issue, but on our collection of 16GB images, Omeka appears to be creating a 2.8X file footprint, between /original, /fullsize, /square_thumbnails, and /thumbnails.

As far as I can tell from clicking around the interface, the /original files are not used in the web presentation? Can someone confirm if it’s safe to delete them?

After googling this, I saw a thread about original filenames and downloading from admin side, so for my purposes I don’t care about re-downloading the files from within Omeka (maybe that is why /original is stored?).

What did you end up doing in this case and what were the effects? I have a similar situation and considered the same step of deleting files/original.

As far as I have seen, it’s safe to delete the content of /originals in order to save space on your web server. On the public UI there are no links to /original files.

If you went to use the DerivativeImages plugin to regenerate thumbnails, then it wouldn’t have a source and therefore wouldn’t work - but you could always copy /full images over to /original, because in my experience it’s the same file.

What we actually did in our case was use symlinks to point every Omeka image directory to the same source, since the images were already reduced to a small enough footprint (50kb-100kb). This is a more advanced solution though requiring some server admin knowledge and access to the command line which you may not have.

– Ben

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