Call specific view in new Plugin

Hi everyone,

I am trying to develop my first a plugin in omeka, so I apologise for the basic question. I wanted to create a shortcode, where you can customise the browsing view for different collections. Here is a simple example to clarify it:

For conferences items, I want to filter the only conferences that will happen after today and present only an image and description of each.

For book items, I want to to show all books in the list but with name author and image.

My idea is to have multiple views in the plugin folder (later I will enable their creation in the admin part of the page), which are selected according to a parameter in the shortcode. Currently, I successfully added the shortcode and can use the view provided by omeka:

public function hookInitialize()
add_shortcode(‘my_shortcode’, array($this, ‘collections_filter’));

public static function collections_filter($args, $view) 

    $collections = get_records('Collection', $params, $limit);

    $content = '';
    foreach ($collections as $collection) {
        $content .= $view->partial('collections/single.php', array('collection' => $collection));

    return $content;

My question is: How can I, instead of calling “collections/single.php”, call a specific view of the plugin? For example, …/PLUGIN/views/shared/Conf_browse.php

Thank you,

You just need to put the view in your plugin’s view/public/Conf_browse.php file, then have the partial just call Conf_browse.php function.

ShortcodeCarousel plugin does a similar thing. Compare the view structure of the plugin used with that and you should be good.

works perfectly, thanks a million