Bulk Upload -- Media CSV -- Item Identifier


I’ve been having some success with the Bulk Upload module . I have been able to create items with geolocation, and to create Relations between existing items using dcterms:identifier .

Now I am having trouble using the CSV Media importer.

I use the headers:
Identifier : to identify the image
Item : to identify the Item
URL: to provide an image (ultimately I will be using the sideload module.)

Each of these headings seems to find appropriate default mappings, but I continue to gat an error:

Media must belong to an item.

I have studied the README for Bulk_import tried many variations on the heading the the Item column. Using just “Item” as the column header is the most promising, since it triggers the module’s automatic mapping. So far no luck finding the right way to link media to items by specifiying the dcterms:identifier of the existing parent item.

Has anyone had success with creating a bulk import spreadsheet using the CSV Medias importer?

I am working on a development instance of Omeka S version 3.2.0 with just the Mapping and Log Modules installed. and BulkImport version 3.3.33

In case anyone wants to see my three simple test cases


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