Bulk Metadata Editor


I’m having difficulty with the Bulk Metadata Editor plugin. Installation of the plugin was successful, however, when I try to actually make bulk updates to our Items’ metadata I get this error message:

Bulk edition cannot be started: The configured PHP path () is invalid.

I received a similar error message trying to use the CSV Import plugin as well, and it’s frustrating not to be able to do any bulk adding or editing of metadata. I saw some solutions for both out there that said to update the PHP path in a specific file:


However, I’m not able to find a corresponding file or directory structure, nor would I know what to change the PHP path to if I could. We are using Omeka Classic 2.7, and the only directories I see are Files, Plugins, and Themes - there is no Application or Config directory and no config.ini file that I can find.

There is a page in the user manual which should help. But it’s odd that when you go to the directory for your Omeka site on your server, you don’t see folders for Admin, Application, and Install. You might need someone with more robust server permissions to help you.

Thanks, I contacted our system admin who was able to change the PHP configuration so that this plugin would work.

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