Bulk Metadata Editor not logging anything

Hi there,

I am facing issues with the plugin Bulk Metadata Editor which is not giving much results :
Step 1 : selecting content from metadata, clicking Preview content is not displaying anything. Nothing happens.

No logs are written, config file having :
log.errors = true
log.priority = Zend_Log::INFO
log.sql = true

But I have logs from CsvImport plugin.

Loaded plugins are :
Dublin Core Extended
Csv Import
Item Relations
Simple Vocab

  • a homemade plugin which as been disabled also without improvement.

Omeka version 2.4
Bulk Metadata Editor 2.4 (just upgraded from 1.0.2 which wasn’t working either).

Oh well, just switched to another web browser, and now everything works fine.
Sorry for the disturbance :wink:
Have a nice day.

No worries, thanks for reporting the issue!
Sorry for the slow reply, but if you get a chance could you let me know what browser and operating system you were using when the plugin was failing? I would love to track that issue down if it is reproducible.


From Chromium/Linux to Firefox/Linux. The good news is, it is still not working with Chrome, so fully reproducible. If you fancy doing some troubleshooting just leave me a message.