Bulk Metadata Editor HTTP 500 Error

Hi all,

I searched around here and in the previous forum, but I didn’t see anything that relates.

I’m trying to use the Bulk Metadata Editor to make changes to a collection of approximately 7100 items. I’m trying to simply add text to fields that currently do not have any metadata in them (e.g. Rights). However, when I go to “Apply Edits Now”, the screen sits, and then refreshes to give me an HTTP 500 error.

Has anyone run into this issue before? I’m presuming that perhaps the issue is that I’m perhaps trying to do too many items at once. If so, is there a way around that (a way to select only a few at a time - they all have the fields I want to populate blank).

Thanks very much for your help.

Which version do you use? Normally, this issue is fixed since version 2.3, because the job is done in the background, without time limit.

We are on 2.4.1. I’m wondering then if this is possibly an issue with our host.

I’m talking about the version of the plugin. In fact, there was a first version published by UCSCLibrary. I fixed and improved it for big queries, but it has not been updated on http://omeka.org. So use the release 2.3 on github (see https://github.com/UCSCLibrary/BulkMetadataEditor) or the second one on omeka.org ( http://omeka.org/add-ons/plugins/bulk-metadata-editor-2).