Bulk Export with wrong URL

We tried to do a backup of the items in our Omeka S, by doing a bulk export. It is a provisory solution until our university is manages to have a server for data backup. When using the bulk export we expected the URL to correspond, from each item, to the website they belong to. But, in fact, the exported data had for all items the URL of the first web site that we created. Despite that fact the information on the item set is always correct. Is that normal or is there a bug? We needed to have the item for each website.
Thank you in advance!

It is normal, because it’s not possible to determine the site of resource, since a resource can belong to multiple sites. This column is mainly added to make easier for the user to find the resource.

Anyway, you don’t need this url to reimport data.

Last version of the module output the id, that is more important.

Thank you very much for your help Daniel

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