Bulk export installion error

When I try to install the Bulk Export module it gives me the error “The dependency Box/Spout version should be >= 3.0. See readme.” and I am not able to install it. How can I solve it?
Thank you

Have you checked the README file for the module?

I believe with that module you basically have two choices: either use a zipped copy that already includes the necessary dependencies, or use Composer to install them if you’ve pulled the module down using Git.

I am seeing the same error with the latest version of Bulk Export,, from the release ZIP file on github.com.

“The dependency Box/Spout version should be >= 3.0.”

The full error message gives more of a clue.

" The dependency Box/Spout version should be >= 3.0. Upgrade dependencies or CSV Import. See readme"

The problem seems to be a conflict with the CSV Import module which also has the Box package, but at version 2 currently.