Bulk Editor path problems

Can someone please tell me how to address this error message with the Bulk Editor plugin. It was working fine until today and I am wondering if it has something to do with the upgrade.

Bulk edition cannot be started: The configured PHP path (/usr/bin/php) does not point to a PHP-CLI binary.

Never mind, I found the answer and it is working.

Please share the answer - I’ve got problems with the Bulk Editor too since i upgraded to 2,5. Best jan

You may have to set it in the main config file of Omeka (application/config/config.ini).

Thanks for your reply - what parameter do i have to change in the config.ini - Best jan

By default, the php path is autodetected, but some servers protect it, so set the php cli path in:
background.php.path = ""

This is what I was advised to enter into the config.ini:

background.php.path = “/usr/bin/php-cli”

I changed this but sadly it didn’t help - Also “Batch Edit All” didn’t work - There are no Error logs I got the message “The requested changes are applied to the database one by one in the background. Check logs for success and errors.” but in the end the Metadata didn’t change.

What are the type of edition you do? What is your version of Omeka? Have you already try a background job with another plugin or with Omeka (if Omeka 2.5)? The background job can be set in the config ini too (jobs.dispatcher.longRunning).

I’am Running Omeka 2,5 - before when i was running 2.4 Bulk Editor worked fine after the upgrade it stopped. Other Plugins like CSV Import are still working. changing to: “jobs.dispatcher.longRunning” is not the solution.
Thanks for your help.

I see 2.3 for BulkMetadataEditor, did you retrograde?

I upgraded Bulk Editor to 2.4 now - but it is still not working

I updated the plugin to add some messages (https://github.com/daniel-km/bulkmetadataeditor). Could you try the it?

Note that in order to get messages about the process, you may have to set the logger in config ini too:
log.errors = true log.priority = Zend_Log::INFO

I try it - it’s still the same - set the logger in config ini and made log writeable - still no error logs

The same on a clean xampp omeka test installation with omeka 2.5 and Bulk Editor 2.4

I updated the plugin and added a checkbox to launch the process in the foreground, as before. But it means that the process should be done in less than 30 seconds (or more if you change it in your server), so only a few tens or hundreds of metadata.

Thanks a lot Daniel - it works now :slight_smile: