Bulk Edit - how to remove part of field value

I’m trying to bulk-remove a particular string (“Original negative not kept.”) from the Description field. On some of my records this string is the only content in the Description field, but on other records there is additional information/description before or after this string, which I want to remain in the Description field.

I’ve attempted to use the Bulk Edit module, testing both the “Replace literal value” and “Remove values from property” options, but the result is always that all content in the field is removed, not just the string I’m targeting.

I’ve done some light regex work before but I’m not sure how to apply it to achieve my goal in this case - might that be a solution? Is there another way I can go about this? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Is this your config ?

Well gosh, I could have sworn that that config is one of those that I’d tried previously, but I just tested it again and it worked! Thank you.