Building multiple exhibits in a single site?

We are piloting Omeka S for a course where each student will be assigned to create a digital exhibit. I was hoping to create a single site for the class and then each student would create their own exhibit (a la exhibit builder in Omeka Classic). But that does not appear to be how Omeka S is structured. Should I create a separate site for each student? Or is there a way to have all the students create their exhibits in a single site? I am concerned that if we create individual sites for each student that will create an enormous set of sites over time. It would be preferable to have a site for the course and then have all the exhibits for that course contained within the site. Then when the course is offered again we create a new site. This will keep the individual exhibits well organized by course.

What are others in this situation doing?

You could have each student create a page within a single site, providing them with guidance about which blocks to use.

Thanks. Yes, I thought of that and I think it could work if pages and sub-page navigation are handled consistently. That might be a viable approach.