Browse Preview Results Not Changing With Query

Hello All,

I am working with a Browse Preview block that does not change when different queries are entered.

Even more odd, when a blank Browse Preview block is added it continues to display items.


Hi there - what version of Omeka S are you running, and what modules do you have installed?

I am running Omeka S 3.0.1.

We have the following modules installed:
Advanced Search Plus
Alt Text
Any Cloud (There is an error by this one, ‘requires Omeka S ^1.3.0||^2.0.0’)
Archive Repertory
Block Plus
Blocks Disposition
Bulk Check
Contact us and Report
CSS Editor
CSV Import
Custom Vocam
File Sideload
Free Space
Generic Module
Metadata Browse
OAI-PMH Repository
PDF Viewer

Is this behavior consistent for all Browse Preview blocks on all sites and pages, or just one?

What happens if you briefly deactivate BlocksPlus?

It appears that the query is working on other pages, so I suspect it is something on that specific page. After disabling BlocksPlus, the page is displayed more cleanly, but the issue persists.

Odd behavior is happening on each site/page; when an empty ‘browse preview’ block is placed on a page the same items will be generated on the page.

EDIT: Furthermore, the same query works on other pages.

I can’t reproduce this, with or without a blank Browse Preview block. Could you post a screenshot of your entire Site Page edit page and your public site page? Perhaps those will clarify things.

I am attaching screenshots of the following:
Site Edit Page (in top and bottom parts)
Public Site Page (in top and bottom parts)
Corresponding Item Set

I don’t recognize your “Browse preview” interface. The one that comes with Omeka looks like this:

I suspect that a module (Block Plus?) has overridden the default block and is causing the bug you’re seeing.

I disabled the ‘blocks plus’ module and I am still getting the same issue.

Additionally, I put another browse preview block on the page, and it does not work. To clarify, the browse preview block which has been having issues is still having issues, but when I place a new block on the same page, it will not work.

With Block Plus disabled, add a vanilla “Browse Preview” block and test whether that query works. I still think Block Plus has something to do with this.

Hello all,

This issue has cropped up again for me. I am not sure how to fix this.


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