Browse Preview Query vs. Browse Custom Link Results

The “Browse Preview” block is not populating the results from a query the way it can when I put the search code in the navigation for “Browse” custom link. I am trying to display based on item set and it’s important that it’s in alphabetical order. The following code works when I put it in the Browse custom link within the navigation, but not the “browse preview” query block on a page.


Has anyone had the same problem or a way to resolve this? I would like to be able to use the page option if possible.

Is it only the order that’s not working, or is it the entire query? (That is, are you getting results not in that item set?)

I tried a little test - it’s returning the correct item set, I think the only problem lies in the sort order. It seems to default to descending order, but we would like it to go from A-Z…

Yes, it looks like sorting does get overridden in the browse preview block. We’ll look into fixing that.

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Omeka S 1.1.0, out today, should fix this issue.

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Thank you so much for incorporating that input!