Browse by Tags displays private tags

We’ve just upgraded to Omeka 2.5 and noticed that the Browse by Tags page (/exhibits/tags) displays ALL tags that have been added to ALL exhibits, regardless of whether exhibit is public or not.

It is probable that the issue also applies to collections, but we use a customised collection page, so not an issue for us.

Also probable that the issue relates to pre-2.5 versions of Omeka and we just haven’t noticed until now.

Collections cannot be tagged, so that wouldn’t really come into play there.

Omeka doesn’t really consider tags to be public or private. This is an issue specific to how Exhibit Builder implements its “browse by tag” page, as that’s something Exhibit Builder does itself. It asks for the list of all tags that are applied to Exhibits, without trying to check if the specific exhibit they apply to is public.

This has probably gone unreported for a long time because most people don’t realize there is a Browse by Tags for the Exhibit Builder.

Thanks, John. Is it possible to turn off Browse by Tag?

Is it possible to turn off Browse by Tag?

You can’t easily “turn it off” but you could just edit the theme for the exhibits browse page to omit the “navigation” that shows the link to the tags browse.