BlocksDisposition Module Or Other Methods For Turning Off Automatic Embed of IIIF Viewers in Browse or Item Display?


I haven’t had a chance to work with Omeka S for much of this past year and have been impressed by the number of new themes and modules that are becoming available.

I was hoping the BlocksDisposition module would offer a simpler way to control whether the default media viewer and one or more IIIF viewers (e.g. UV, Mirador, etc.) appeared on an item or browse display page. However, changing BlocksDisposition settings for Universal Viewer didn’t have any effect on whether the viewer displayed on the page (it always did) and it doesn’t seem to offer this option.

Refreshing my memory and noticing some of the new features, it looks like I still have to edit a theme’s view/omeka/site/item/show.html and view/omeka/site/item/browse.phtml to remove references to the default viewer ($mediaRenderer, etc.) and move (or remove altogether) the line

<?php $this->trigger(''); ?>


<?php $this->trigger('view.browse.after'); ?>

which seems to determine where the IIIF viewer appears on the page. I’m testing this now with the DigitalCollecting theme and this mostly seems to work, except I have some item properties (e.g., contributor, title, id, etc.) showing on the line above the viewer).

For Browse the default behavior is to render the IIIF viewer window at the bottom of the page after displaying thumbnails; it would be great if this were easier to disable.

Are there any settings in the module’s config.json file


that might control whether UV (or other viewer) gets appended to an item or browse page by default?

Am I using BlocksDisposition incorrectly or a chance it might offer this control in the future?


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