Best way to search text on Simple Pages? SolrSearch?

I’m looking for the best way to get a search working on my site that will look through the text on simple pages. (This text is not included in any item or collection records.) Is there any way to do this? I looked into SolrSearch a little, but it seems that it still only looks through items? Is anyone using that? I am also considering doing a custom Google search.
So is it easy or possible to search these simple pages? Would I be better off finding someway to include this text in an item? Would using exhibits instead of simple pages make a difference?


You can include SimplePages in the site-wide search with the checkboxes in search settings. Were you trying to create a SimplePage text only search?

Thanks! That’s what I was looking to do. I think I was just confused because I only saw the search settings within the configuring the theme page. I would still prefer it to also look through XML and PDF files on the simple page but I guess that’s another question altogether.

I see where search results for Simple Pages and Exhibits are coming up in the admin views once the Search settings are adjusted. But I’m also having trouble getting search hits inside Exhibits and Simple Pages to come up in the public search results. I’m only seeing results found in Items. Any ideas?

Did you re-index your records after changing the settings?

Yes. And all those types of records do show up in the Admin view searches.