Batch Upload failure

I used batch upload earlier today to load a collection using an old template with no problem.

I’m mapping a new set of fields from a new set of CSV files with a different source/different column names. I start the process, identify which existing collection I’m loading into, select a CSV files, create and apply a template, and when I click on Next Step, it returns me to the CSV selection page again. I select the CSV again and apply the template I’ve already created and click Next Step, and back to square one again. I’m not getting an error message. Any thoughts? Something wrong with the CSV?

I just spotted an error message when I went to the Mapping tab:

/plugins/BatchUpload/controllers/MappingSetsController.php on line 8

Warning: Declaration of BatchUpload_MappingSetsController::_redirectAfterEdit() should be compatible with Omeka_Controller_AbstractActionController::_redirectAfterEdit($record) in /home/gallery1/public_html/plugins/BatchUpload/controllers/MappingSetsController.php on line 8

I didn’t change anything between the load earlier this afternoon and the load that I’m attempting with the new files.

I don’t have direct experience with the BatchUpload plugin, but I’m not sure that error message is related to your problem.

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