Batch Loading process in omeka classic

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen,

I installed omeka classic some time back and I’m trying to figure out how to facilitate batch loading process with the metadata. We are going to be scanning a couple of images (old year books, historical pictures …) on a local drive. Is it possible to dump those images and descriptions to omeka classic.
Thanks all for your help

One option would be to use the CSV Import plugin. In order to import the files, they would need to be available somewhere on the web. You could use the Dropbox plugin if you need somewhere to create a stable place for those files (see CSV Import and Dropbox Plugin)

Thank you @mebrett . I’ll update you of the progress as soon as I get started on it. Thanks once more – your input is highly appreciated!

HI @mebrett, If I get you right, I would be able to map to the image locally – for example (\\users\aogayemi\pictures\mickey.png)?

CSV Import needs the files to be accessible on the web (not behind a password), so a local path won’t work. Hence the need to either make a directory on your server or the Dropbox plugin - the post I linked to above has an example of what the filepath can look like for the Dropbox plugin.

Hi michdon:
We have been able to do batch uploads using the Batch Upload plugin. That way, Omeka will search for the file names that you enter in your data spreadsheet in any local folder that you point it to. One thing you should know is that the file name will show like a caption below the image, so you might want to give your files meaningful names.

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