Back up and re install

I have read the backup tipps in the handbook - but i really did not get it…
can anyone give me link or a step by step list how to complete backup and re install that system?
I just want to be sure, that i don´t lose any of my data

What step of the process are you having trouble with? Backing up files, the database, or both?

I did a new installation of omeka on another webserver.
System running well.

Then i tried to backup the database and to reinstall it on the new system… did not work

What do you mean by “did not work,” exactly?

In general, if you know how to make a dump or backup of the database, moving it around between servers is pretty easy. We have some instructions on doing that… are those what you were trying to follow?

I will try that again… an let you know. Thanks for this so far. I guess i did the sql backup in a wrong way.

I could make it ! there were several tries failing - no idea why - but i could do it now.
Thanks everybody!

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