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Good afternoon

I would like to know if anyone could help me with the following configuration of the AvantRelationships plugin.
I’m looking forward to adding the list view to relationships, just as it does on the following site: http://swhplibrary.net/demo/relationships/items/show/9165
Would anyone know how to do it?

I can help you, but I don’t understand what you mean by “adding the list view” – can you clarify? By default, AvantRelationship should display the information as it looks on the link you sent. That link is on a demo site. Here is the same item on our Library’s site: https://swhplibrary.net/digitalarchive/items/show/9165. The results are similar, but the themes are different.

Please provide a little more information, or a link , so that I understand what you mean by list view.

Thank you for your help!

So, I’d like the graphical relations (what is on the left side of the site that you presented) to be presented, and also in a detailed way, as shown on the right side (images, married to …)
however, my site only displays the chart

Thank you for the explanation. The detailed information (images, married to …) should automatically display below the item’s metadata. There is no configuration option for this.

Can you send me a link to a page that has this problem so that I can see what the HTML looks like? Also, what theme are you using?

Hopefully this is something simple, but I need more information to figure it out.

aqui está o link da página: http://colecoes.sibi.usp.br/bdpa/items/show/165

I’m using a custom theme: https://github.com/JonathanReeve/theme-customeka
Is that the problem?

I can see in the HTML that the AvantRelationships code is there, but it looks like it is being obscured by the code for the zoomable image. You can test this theory by removing the zoomable image and also try another theme – I think one or the other is creating a conflict with the code emitted by AvantRelationships.

Note also that the page is getting a jQuery error. I don’t know if that is contributing to the problem.

You could also look at the AvantZoom plugin to see if it will work for you. You can see examples of using it here.

I am away until Monday, but can work on this with you then. In the meantime, please try the suggestions above (remove the zoom image, try another them) to see if those things are causing the detailed relationships information to be hidden.

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